Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation is a symbol of the American Government’s continued dis-concern for Women

It sucks. It does. In a way, most of us know how misogyny affects our world, but some moments are too intense to even take in and analyze. The confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh – or the blatant disbelief of a female sexual assault survivor – is another notch in America’s belt of hatred for women.

Women are often stereotyped for being over dramatic, uncredible, hysterical or liars. This stereotype makes it even harder for sexual assault survivors to come forward with their accusations. On top of everything else that makes it difficult, the downright downplay of the seriousness of their accusations leave many of us speechless and feeling helpless, especially when we witness it on such a grand scale.

What’s happened in the past few weeks in America will not be forgotten. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford will not be forgotten. Her words sparked a revolution as soon as they left her mouth, and no one can deny her real and severe accusation and how much it rocked America’s boat.

The FBI investigation was an outright sham. They didn’t interview everyone that came forward with information. They also didn’t even talk to Ford. How does this make sense? This is because the investigation only existed to keep two republicans happy; it never mattered how in-depth it was because those Republicans were going to vote along with their party majority anyway.

All of this is fucked up. The fact that the American government is so corrupt that they can’t even investigate a credible allegation of real sexual crime is so twisted and so upsetting. What does this say to the world? As Trump carries on with his rambling nonsense at his white supremacist rallies, he doesn’t miss the chance to mock Christine and make a fool out of someone who was brave enough to share such horrifying trauma.

I’m angry. We’re all angry. I feel so sad for Dr. Ford, and I honestly wish this went a different way. But, in the end, her words still carry a heaviness and a realness we can no longer not speak about. The fact that the government didn’t even care enough to take it seriously shows how corrupt and how sexist the system indeed is.

I believe her.  I believe Anita Hill too. The fight is not over. Let’s keep protesting, voting, showing up and showing empathy. The world can change and it will. To all sexual assault survivors, your stories and your words are valid and they matter.

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