Why Abortion is still a taboo in Modern Culture

As time passes and “modern” becomes a word that has different meanings for everyone, some points of view and opinions change and grow into more informed versions of themselves. Often, misogyny and the imprisonment of a woman’s body are so deeply ingrained in our culture that it becomes what feels like nearly impossible to clean up the sticky mess that has sifted through the layers of our consciousness.


One of the main reasons abortion is still a taboo is simply but truly: upright control. Women have been controlled throughout each part of our historical society. Keep in mind it was less than 100 years ago that white women got the vote within Canadian and American standards. This still gives many men the chance to view women as newly free from the constraints of control. So if women keep gaining traction, as they do and did throughout the following 100 years; then what is another way can we keep them under some kind of invisible hand of control? By policing their bodies, forcing them to confine to detrimental beauty standards, paying them less and taking away their complete right to terminate a pregnancy.

Religion and Politics

Much of the shame surrounding abortion can be attributed to religion and the overflow of aspects from religion dripping into politics. Many politicians gain success from pulling from their Catholic or Christian beliefs, as a tactic to influence right-wing popularity in their favor. Donald Trump, the current POTUS has stated his opposition for abortion, saying “they’re ripping babies right out of the womb.” This offensive, distasteful image of abortion is often celebrated and confirmed by pro-lifers, insinuating abortion is an awful form of murder. Religion has long held a stance on abortion and reproductive rights, and it does influence laws if it influences certain politicians, senators, and judges in power.

It’s scary to think that what a woman chooses to do with her body can be influenced or totally controlled by the government. There is no issue greater for a woman than someone wishing to have influence and total power over her choice as a free-willed human being. If the roles were reversed, could we ever picture a man being told by his government what is acceptable to do with his own body?

The Right to Bear Life, and the Right Not to

For centuries, women were seen as a man’s property and that included her womb as well. Now, as women gain more traction in a free society, letting go of the control of her right to bear life or to not, causes a subconscious or conscious discomfort in men of power. If a society can control whether a woman can have a baby or not, then they control all women and the kinds of lives they choose to live. If a woman wants an abortion on demand and without apology, what is stopping her from controlling and taking ownership of other areas in life and modern society?

Sometimes power is hard to overtake. And often, when it comes to politics, the people with outdated ideals tend to stick around for the long haul. It’s tough, because how can we make real progress when the leaders of our world are sexist, close-minded and downright offensive? The fight for abortion on demand is one of the most important fights in the feminist and new wave feminist movement. Especially with more right-wing leaders coming into play that will put more restrictions on the abortion law and potentially overturn it, we cannot shy away from speaking the wholehearted truth: women deserve abortions without shame, questioning and without apology.

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