I can hear her rumble in the deepest part of me,

A kind of hunger that calls from a desire I haven’t discovered yet.

She is angry but strong,

Raw and unapologetic,

Howling for more and less

At the same time.

What does it mean to walk in tall waters

With the tide rising taller each day?

I stand in my skin

And yearn for another worldly body,

One that can survive more

Than mine ever could.

This feminine call

Is not afraid of darkness

Yet, she swallows it whole

Knowing it won’t consume her.

She hunts yet she cares for her young,

She fought her wars and is prepared for more,

And her sword is swift yet small.

I believe in the wolf woman,

I believe she’s in me

And she’s in you.

She is not afraid of what they will say

She’s not afraid of letting it all go

Let yourself howl,

And give them hell

Rip them to shreds,

If the wild tells you to.

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