The Feminist, Tongue in Cheek art of Sweet Cherry Stitch

You can find Sweet Cherry Stitch on Instagram: @sweetcherrystitch

Embroidery was once considered “women’s work.” A delicate, intricate and focus oriented art form was rarely taken seriously over the years because it was dominated by mostly female artists. The beauty about our new wave of feminism is that our generation is bringing back these long lost art forms and displaying the power in the delicacy and the feminine, adding flavour to art forms while keeping it original and progressive.

One of these artists is embroiderer and self-proclaimed stitch bitch: Sweet Cherry Stitch. SCS is run by a young feminist named Melanie Gray. Melanie is an incredibly intelligent feminist, a downright badass woman who’s not afraid to speak her opinion. She once felt that she could never be artistic – because she never found her true outlet growing up. After discovering her mom’s old crochet books and needles – she got inspired and dove into her own world of embroidery.

Starting by collaging, Melanie was inspired to create her own mashup of designs of different art she liked. She started with a pencil, simple fabric and a small needle. Flash forward two years later – Melanie is making sales, creating her own art she enjoys for herself and for customers, has a professional lighting table to trace/draw her designs, stains her own embroidery rings and takes pride in being creative, her way.

Her embroidery mainly focuses on women’s empowerment but has loads of other fun and interesting aspects. She loves working with people to make designs come to life. Most of all, what’s most inspiring about Sweet Cherry Stitch, is that she started with a passion for art, and a nerve to find her own calling.

Below are some of her lovely designs, taken from her Instagram listed above.

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